The bride and groom come to the parish office at least 3 months before the planned date of getting married. They bring the following documents to draw up the prenuptial protocol:

  • Valid, i.e. with a date up to 3 months back, baptism certificate.
  • Identity Card
  • Certificates of Study of Religion or a completed Student's Book of Religion Study.
  • Certificate of participation in the pre-marriage course.
  • A certificate from the Civil Registry Office (necessary when the spouses want the church wedding to also have civil and legal consequences - the so-called concordat wedding) or a marriage certificate, if a civil union has been concluded previously.

Pre-wedding lessons can be started in our parish on every second Friday of the month at 5:30 PM. Meetings are held over one weekend (2 meetings on Friday evening and 4 meetings on Saturday morning). Apart from the course, there are 3 obligatory meetings at the Family Counselling Centre. These meetings take place on Wednesdays (the first meeting at 5:00 p.m., for the next two meetings, registration at the Family Counselling Centre after the first meeting - in person or by phone: 77 55 06 717 or 796 644 579). At the parish office, the bride and groom receive a card that should be kept and left at the office before each meeting. Collection after the lecture.

We also recommend Courses in the Diocesan Formation House in Nysa. You can also spend the night there. Full information can be found on the website: